Resident FAQ

How do I apply to be a Resident?
Please visit the Rental Application page and complete the necessary application(s). Please note all Residents over the age of 18 are required to submit an application. There is a $30 per application fee and necessary deposits must be received in full for application(s) to be considered complete. For any questions please contact us.

Are the application fees refundable if denied?
Unfortunately no, both the application fees and any convenience charges are non-refundable.

Are Deposits placed on a property at application refundable?
Deposits to hold the property are fully refundable if you are denied for any reason. Once your application is approved deposits become non-refundable.

What is required at move in?
A full month’s rental amount is required at move in, plus any necessary deposits. If a Resident moves in on any other day other than the first, the lease will be for a period of twelve months plus the prorated days of the move in month, and this amount will be due on the first day of the following month. For example if the rent is $550 per month, and a Resident moves in on the 20th, $550 is required at move in, and the prorated amount of $198.90 will be due on the first day of the following month.

How do I get the utilities switched into my name? Do you have a list of the utility contact information?

Once you have become a Resident in one of our properties, it is important to contact the appropriate utility companies in order to place the service in your name. All utility services must be in the Residents name by the move-in date or Residents will be subject to fees. Here is a list of area Utility Companies , or please contact us if additional questions.

My lease ends at the end of the month; may I just move at that this time?
No, all leases automatically roll to a month to month tenancy. If you wish to vacate, a written notice must be received on or before the first day of the month in which you wish to move. Or you may renew your lease for another term.  Download a Notice to Vacate form.

My lease is ending, I want to renew, how do I do this?
If we have not contacted you already please contact us and representative will prepare the necessary paperwork to renew your lease.

If I give my 30 day notice on the 16th of the month, then I can move on the 15th of the following month, right?
No, all 30 day notices are valid from the periodic rental due date. As all rents are due on the first day of the month, all notices are valid from the first day of the month. If you wish to forward your notice on the 16th, this is great, but you will be obligated for the entire following monthly rental amount. A notice to vacate form may be download  here.

I want to buy a house can you help?
Absolutely! Yes, we can help.  Please contact us to discuss options. Begin your search here.

Do you allow pets and what are the required pet deposits?
This is determined by the property owner, the type of pet, your references, and credit report.

What utilities are paid by you?
This is determined by the property. Please contact us for more info on a specific address.

Can the landlord come in my home without permission?
The landlord can enter in a reasonable way at reasonable times to inspect, make repairs, supply necessary services, to show the building to purchasers, tenants, workmen, etc. Unless there is an emergency, the landlord should give you at least one day’s notice of intent to enter.

How do I request repairs or general maintenance?
Please login into your online account and submit a work order. Or please use the contact us form.

What is considered and after-hours emergency?
If you have one of the following two issues:

  1. Free flowing water from plumbing inside the unit.
  2. No heat when the ambient temperature is 38 degrees or less outside.

Note: If your unit is without power please call the utility company. AEP Contact Phone Number: 1.888.216.3523

May I withhold rent when maintenance repairs are not taken care of?
It is a state law that a resident cannot withhold rent for needed repairs. If the resident does with hold rent for non-repair, the owner has a right to evict for non-payment of rent.

May I deduct the amount of my security deposit from my last month’s rent payment?
Your security deposit is not a part of your rent payments. If you deduct the amount of your security deposit from your final rent check, you could be liable for the cost of re-leasing fee, late fees, in addition to the unpaid rent.

How much grace period am I given before my rent is considered late?
The lease states that rent is due and payable on the 1st of each month, if not received by the close of business on the 5th then late fees and penalties will be charged and a 5 day notice to vacate will be issued. If payment arrangements are not made per the lease instructions then eviction proceedings as allowed by law will begin.

How long after I move out does the owners have to return my security deposit?
If you gave proper notice, a forwarding address and did not owe any charges, the owner has 30 days from the written request and move out date whichever come last to return your deposit.