Broken Arrow Utilities

Once you have been approved for tenancy in one of our Broken Arrow properties, it is important to contact the appropriate utility companies in order to place the service in your name. All utility services must be in the your name by the move-in date or you may be subject to fees. Contact information to set up your Broken Arrow Utilities can be found below:


American Electric Power your account can be set up online or by phone: 888 216-3523


City of Broken Arrow Accounts can be set up in person (116 East Dallas), or by phone 918-259-8409 you can download applications to start or transfer service here.
They will ask you who the owner of your property is in order to switch. You may have to call the Properties Plus office for this information if we have not already gone over it together.

Wagoner County RWD# 4 – RWD#4 requires that the owner of the property transfer service to the tenant. Tenants cannot directly set up accounts with RWD #4.  If the property you are renting falls within the service area indicated on this map, please call the Properties Plus office.


Oklahoma Natural Gas: Your account can be set up online or by phone: 1-800-664-5463

If you have any questions about setting up your Broken Arrow Utilities, please call our corporate office at 918-488-8880