Bixby Utilities

Once you have been approved for tenancy in one of our Bixby properties, it is important to contact the appropriate utility companies in order to place the service in your name. All utility services must be in your name by the move-in date or you may be subject to fees. Contact information to set up your Bixby Utilities can be found below:


American Electric Power (serves properties NORTH of the river) your account can be set up online or by phone: 888 216-3523
OG&E (serves properties SOUTH of the river)You can do this online or by phone 1-800 272-9741
East Central Oklahoma Electric Company Please call for instructions on starting service 918-756-0833


Oklahoma Natural Gas: Your account can be set up online or by phone: 1-800-664-5463

Water and Sewer

City of Bixby complete this application and mail with your $55 deposit (checks made payable to BPWA) to PO Box 70, Bixby, OK 74008. Further information is available here or by phone 918-366-4430


American Waste Control (NORTH of the river and select areas SOUTH of the river) Please call to set up service 918-582-1147
Owens Trash (SOUTH of the river) you can complete this form to sign up online or call 918-852-3165

If you have any questions about setting up your Bixby Utilities, please call our corporate office at 918-488-8880